Brazed Diamond Bullet Drill Bit 1/2"

0.10 LBS
Brazed Diamond Bullet Drill Bit 1/2"

Troxell 21-BB12 Diamond Bullet Drill Bits

Cutting anchor holes through tough stones has never been so easy with the 1/2" diameter bullet bit (21-BB12-1). This bullet bit is a departure from the conventional masonry drill bit, in which it is a hollow design. The cutting surface is coated with industrial diamonds, and can be used wet or dry. (It is always recommended to use water when possible to extend the life of your diamond products) The main benefit of the bit is accuracy in hole placement, and providing a cleaner edge free of chips or burrs.

Other sizes available


  • Brazed Diamonds
  • Hollow design
  • Accurate hole drilling
  • No drifting

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