Grout Caddy (Complete System)

8.00 LBS
Grout Caddy (Complete System)

Troxell 09-Grout Caddy Complete Set

PROFESSIONAL GRADE! No wet hands! No gloves! A complete system that cuts grout clean up time in half. 6 x 12" Caddy sponge and handle provides a large surface area eliminating dips in grout lines. Slit Sponge design lifts grout and debris and rinses clean.  Sponge  is attached with Velcro making changes fast and easy. Replacement sponges available as singles and value packs . Caddy rollers are grooved or smooth directing water back into bucket keeping your work area dry. Roller axle and mounting hardware are stainless steel and will never rust or bend. 5 gallon bucket capacity comes with casters and plastic bottom grid. All parts are replaceable. 

Included Items (replaceable):

  • 5 Gallon bucket
  • 4 Casters
  • Plastic Grid
  • Caddy Handle & 2 Sponges
  • Grooved Rollers w/ Stainless Steel Hardware 

 Optional Accessories:

  • JUMBO Caddy Handle and Sponge (8x14")
  • Smooth Rollers w/ Stainless Steel Hardware
  • 09-Wand - Floor Wand w/ Jumbo Caddy Sponge, swivel base and long handle


  • Complete System.
  • No wet hands.
  • Cut grout clean up time in half.
  • Leave grout joints full. No dips.

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