3" x 12" Pointed Grout Float - 12 Pack $14.41 each

9.00 LBS
3" x 12" Pointed Grout Float - 12 Pack $14.41 each

12 pack

TroxellUSA 09-181BV 3x12" Pointed Grout Float. Offset handle allows for easy grouting under cabinet kickboards and other hard to reach places.The pointed tip assists in grouting beveled tiles and getting in the grout joints for easier grouting. 

Pure Gum bottom leaves the cleanest floor possible. Less wiping. Superflex plastic back prevents marring of tile. Flexibility maintains a sharp edge to floor contact for better cleaning. Won't bend and break like metal backed floats. Gorilla grip handle prevents slipping and twisting. Open cell sponge rinses clean and maintains shape.


  • 3" x 12" float with offset handle
  • Pointed tip
  • Pure gum bottom
  • Superflex back
  • Gorilla grip
  • Open cell sponge
  • Made In USA

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