Ultimate Tile Installer's Tool Box Set

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40.00 LBS
Ultimate Tile Installer's Tool Box Set

NEW Ultimate Tile Installer's Tool Box

Here at TroxellUSA, we've come up with a special package that includes the staples for setting tile. Whether you're a beginner who needs to build up their tool box, or an experienced tile setter that can't miss out on a deal with this much sauce, this is the tool box for you. 


Highlight: Score and snap hard porcelain tiles! Fits tiles up to 48" long and features a flex free, flat guide bar. Magnetic retractable breaker foot. This tile cutter can rip straight and diagonal cuts with swing out extension legs for large format tiles. 


Package includes: 03-TRX48 ThinLine manual tile cutter, large blue Super-Soft Knee Pads, Robocap Knee Pads, 5" variable speed grinder, 5" mesh edge blade, 28" beater mixer, professional aluminum 48" level, (1) 4x9 pure gum rubber float, (1) 3x12 urethane base & cove float, (1) 4x9 urethane stone float, euro notch trowel, 3/8" square notch trowel, 1/4" square notch mini trowel, 2x8 margin trowel, 2 horsehoe shim jars, 2 hollow spacer boxes, 1 long leg spacer jar, 2 square sponges, dual grit rub stone, utility flip knife, 1 box 15 MIL latex free gloves & work apron.


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